BBPIG GCh. MayhemFarms Ain't Missbehaving RN WC CGN

MBPIS GR CH Eagertrieves Thrill Billy x CH MayhemFarms Electric Spark RN

Clear for EIC, PRA, DM, CNM, HNPK, Dilute Free

Echo Cardiogram Color Dopplar Clear

Eyes- Cleared Yearly

OFA Hips Good 

OFA Elbows Good

Black Carrying Yellow and Chocolate


Hobbes is a going concern in our house...constantly picking up anything she can carry including the cat, whom she loves.  She lives for her retriever training and gets so excited when the gun comes out.  Hobbes will be Dave's hunting buddy.

Hobbes loves to show (I actually think its the treats) and floats effortlessly around the ring. She earned her WC easily with field lab breeders saying WOW while watching her work.

She was bred in 2020 producing 3 stunning puppies and will be rebred Spring 2021

GCH. Kai-Den Southern Belle @ Tri-Ever Amen CGN

US CH Windcrofts's Southern Comfort x Raynefall Tickled Pink at Kai Den Amen

EIC Carrier

Clear for DM, CNM, HNPK, PRA, Dilute Free, 

Echo Cardiogram Color Dopplar Clear

Eyes- Cleared Yearly

OFA Hips Excellent 

OFA Elbow Good

Black Carrying Chocolate

Lottie is my sweet, sweet girl from the USA, I Co own her with Joni Long.  I went down to Potomac Dog Show and showed Lottie in 12-18 mth old black bitch and made the cut out 29!   I fell in love with her that week and 1 month later came to Canada.

Lotties first trip out was in June 2019 and she went Best of Breed over Specials for her first 4 points!!  She finished her Championship that August at the LRCA Specialty going Best of Winners.

Lottie finished her GrandChampionship in November 2019.

Lottie and her sister Roz have been awarded Best Brace In Show and Best Brace In Specialty Show (Regional & Nationals)

Lottie has been bred to GCh. MayhemFarms Electric Shock RA CGN for March 2021 puppies.

RR 1 Site 12 Comp 16 

Millet, AB

T0C 1Z0


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